SMB’s Tech Survival Guide for Cyber Monday (and Black Friday)

Posted by Rob Williams on Tue, Nov 22, 2016 @ 09:30 AM

For retailers, the holiday shopping season can generate as much as one third of total sales for the year, according to the National Retail Federation. On average, holiday sales make up almost 20% of annual retail industry sales. This is true for big retailers like Amazon as well as smaller, niche retailers, like jewelers, boutiques, or other specialty shops.

Retail outlets often add extra customer service and sales representatives to make sure they do not miss out on revenue opportunities during peak shopping days. While staffing is an important consideration going into the holidays, there are other considerations that retailers should take into account ahead of the holiday rush.

With each passing year, more people are going online to do their holiday shopping. The National Retail Federation is predicting a 3.6% jump in overall sales, and a 7% increase in online sales for the 2016 holiday shopping season.

Technology is an important detail that smaller retailers often overlook. Retailers may need to add capacity to their websites, mobile apps and backend tools to handle increased seasonal demand. If there is a large spike in demand on a peak shopping day, like Cyber Monday, or Black Friday, it could take down a retailer’s website and mobile apps.

In addition, customers expect 100% uptime from retailers, no matter how big or small they are, and will not wait for a site that is unavailable. With the anticipated increase in online sales, and the expectations of your customers, it makes good business sense to ensure that your IT infrastructure is ready to handle an uptick in demand.

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